5 Simple Tips to Keep Your House Tidy Between Cleans

Having a domestic cleaner can take the stress out of having to deal with a messy household and spending your free time cleaning. A regular professional domestic cleaning service is a cost-effective way of keeping your home fresh and inviting. But with pets or kids around and always being busy, the mess can build up again quickly. If you want to keep your home looking tidy in between cleans, here are 5 tips that are simple and effective:

1# Keep your floors cleaner with mats and rugs

Putting mats on either side of your front and back doors, will help to keep the dirt from spreading throughout the house and can simply be cleaned every now and then. A handy way to keep floors and carpets cleaner in between cleans is to place a decorative rug in areas which get dirtier more quickly. As well as brightening up your home, a rug or runner is easier to vacuum or clean than the whole flooring and will save you time.

2# Set yourself a timer

If you have a spare 5-10 minutes before or after work, set a timer and tackle a particularly messy area, or scan the rooms and put things back in their right place. You’ll be amazed how much you can do in this time and it’s a really easy way to keep things tidy in between the bigger cleans. Give everything its own place if you can, so when you have little time or you’re going up or down the stairs, you know where things that get left around belongs and it cuts the build-up of clutter.

3# Declutter your table by leaving it set

It’s easy for the table or counter to get cluttered with mail, keys and other bits and bobs that are put out every day. Try keeping your dining table set to prevent everyone from leaving things there. This will also make your house appear cleaner, though you may have to have the tableware dusted when you have your usual clean. Another tip is to assign a basket or drawer to temporarily put away items if you have people coming over, so that clutter doesn’t build up on counters and surfaces.

4# Assign chore days and get everyone stuck in

Set certain days to do the washing and other household chores to make them more manageable. You can tidy up much faster by assigning one or two small tasks to your little ones or other people in the house. This way you won’t feel as though you’re spending all of your free time tidying, and you can have some fun by playing some music or turning the tasks into a game.

5# Let the air in

Even if you don’t have time to do some cleaning before the big clean-up, freshening up the rooms can make them seem cleaner. Let some air in by opening the windows and you can also use air fresheners to keep the house smelling pleasant.

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