5 Simple Steps to Hiring a Domestic Cleaner for Your Home

Hiring a domestic cleaner is really a way of investing in yourself. With the daunting cleaning tasks covered by a professional, you could potentially save hours a week to spend on doing more of what you enjoy, whether that’s seeing family or friends, spending time outdoors or simply putting your feet up!

Having a domestic cleaner will take the guesswork out of keeping your home tidy and clean in the safest, most efficient way. But how do you go about hiring the right cleaner for your home?

domestic cleaner

Here are 5 simple steps to get you started:

1# What do you want to be cleaned?

Nailing down the specific rooms and areas you want cleaned, as well as those you don’t, will help you to narrow down your initial search. Decide whether you’d like a standard cleaning service or if you’d want them to do additional services such as window cleaning and laundry. Not all cleaning companies will offer everything that you require.

2# Conducting your search

A good place to start is to ask people you know if they have a domestic cleaner and whether they can recommend anyone. When searching online for cleaners in your local area, always check their reviews and disregard any companies that aren't licensed or insured. This will protect you against liability for any accidents or theft during your cleaning services.

3# The initial check-up

Once you have your list of potentials contact them to ask about how their cleaners are vetted and what background checks they have had. At Domestique Reading we only employ cleaners if we are fully satisfied with their screening and their references, and we interview our cleaners in their own homes.

Then you can ask your potentials to offer a free consultation, which will involve a representative visiting your home and giving you a price estimate for the work. We’d advise only going with companies who are happy to go along with the appointment, as this shows their efforts to find out exactly how you want your home cleaned.

4# Interviewing your candidates

This step might seem daunting, but it is a good way to get an idea about your potential domestic cleaner and start building a relationship with them. Give your candidates a tour of your home with a little bit of information about what needs to be done in each room. Make sure that you ask them the following questions:

What happens if I cancel a cleaning service or if I’m on holiday? Find out their procedures and whether there would be any additional costs.

Do you have any referrals? Ask for their contact details so you can check these and get feedback from other homeowners.

What chemicals do you use to clean? Find out whether any toxic chemicals are used. If you have pets, children or any allergies, knowing what chemicals are used is important.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee? Cleaners who provide this guarantee will continually ensure that you are happy with the service you receive and deal with any issues effectively. We are the only domestic cleaning company with a written quality guarantee, and will offer you a second cleaner if the first disappoints.

5# Choosing your domestic cleaner

Check any referrals you’ve received to give you a better idea of the quality of service to expect from your candidates. Then it’s time to make your decision! We offer four cleaning package options which will ensure you get the cleaning services you need for the most suitable price, in the way that you want them.

We provide expert domestic cleaning services in and around Reading and Bracknell. When you call us we can arrange an appointment for one of our managers to come and see you. If you’re happy with our offering we’ll arrange an initial meeting between you and your cleaner prior to our starting, so you can ask any further questions you may have and get to know them.

If this sounds good to you and you’re ready to hire a cleaner without a hassle, head to our contact page to get in touch today!